Monday, November 21, 2011

My Mom's Birthday!

My mom and I were able to spend the whole day together on her birthday. We had a breakfast that turned into lunch at our favorite spot in Gilbert, Liberty Market... that's how we roll (and dine) long and without time constraints. Then, we celebrated with one of our favorite most hobbies.. shopping. We would have done our other favorite (laying at the pool), but no one should be subjected to my 36th week of belly growth. Give me at least 6 months post baby before I rock the swim suit again :)

I love you, mom!! Happy Birthday!

36 weeks and counting!

This week we had a church BBQ--while Chance was serving our entire church grilling up about 200 dogs and burgers, us 3 pregnant chicks were amused by the fact that we thought our unborn children should have name tags along with us. Jenn, on the left is having her baby boy, Ty, mid December and Kelcey, in the middle was 18 weeks pregnant in this photo, so they were going to be finding out the sex of their baby within the next week, so her tag says, "?.... we find out next week!" And of course, my little Swayze.

Halloweenies: 2011

This Halloween, we celebrated what will become an annual tradition: Halloweenies! We brought our grill out to our driveway and served Hot Dogs, soda, chips and candy to all of our trick-or-treaters and neighbors! It was a perfect opportunity to get to know our neighbors and we served up 60 dogs! It was a huge success and we had a blast doing it!

Here is Amy, Jenn and I... and our... dare I even call them costumes?? I'm a cow... I'm not sure what I made Amy to be.. and Jenn is... ummmm a spider web? We're not really sure. We had a short time budget and no pregnancy friendly costumes. The 3 of us, with our husbands planned on being the 6 original American Gladiators, but then 2 of us girls got pregnant and thought red, white and blue spandex and high top reeboks would be more offensive than funny, so we opted out.

This is what we planned on:
But this is what actually happened.. close, but not. Maybe next year.... with our 10 month olds.

The bottom middle "udder" is real... my umbilical hernia of a belly button.. the other udders are snipped off finger tips of a fake hand I bought at the Halloween store, adhered to my skin with eyelash adhesive and latex.
35 weeks pregnant makes for great cow udders. Especially if you are already feeling "cow-ish" :)

34 weeks Pregnant!

Jenn and I have had matching pregnancies as we are only 3 weeks apart... and unknowingly, we dressed alike at church one Sunday!

32 Weeks Pregnant!

Early October, I had a the pleasure of traveling back to Sioux City, IA once again this year for a Christian Women's Conference my mom and aunts were hosting, and Amy and I led worship for! It was a crazy, full weekend starting with spending time with my sweet high school bestie, Lindsay!!
32 weeks pregnant this week... I'm really rounding out.
Here I am with my mom (far right) and all my aunts, Lori, Barb, Ellen, Donna and Shelly! My aunts, Donna, Ellen and Shelly threw me a baby shower in Sioux City at Katch-a-Kup Coffee Shop!!

Lake Okoboji: Summer Fun!

Chance and I had a BLAST this summer at Lake Okoboji with our family! We just ADORE all of our little nieces... it's girly girl heaven all week long! We spent most of our time jumping in the lake and walking next door to the Emporium to visit the Sugar Shack (my favorite!!!)

Here is our condo on the lake!

Chance, being a hero...