Monday, November 21, 2011

Halloweenies: 2011

This Halloween, we celebrated what will become an annual tradition: Halloweenies! We brought our grill out to our driveway and served Hot Dogs, soda, chips and candy to all of our trick-or-treaters and neighbors! It was a perfect opportunity to get to know our neighbors and we served up 60 dogs! It was a huge success and we had a blast doing it!

Here is Amy, Jenn and I... and our... dare I even call them costumes?? I'm a cow... I'm not sure what I made Amy to be.. and Jenn is... ummmm a spider web? We're not really sure. We had a short time budget and no pregnancy friendly costumes. The 3 of us, with our husbands planned on being the 6 original American Gladiators, but then 2 of us girls got pregnant and thought red, white and blue spandex and high top reeboks would be more offensive than funny, so we opted out.

This is what we planned on:
But this is what actually happened.. close, but not. Maybe next year.... with our 10 month olds.

The bottom middle "udder" is real... my umbilical hernia of a belly button.. the other udders are snipped off finger tips of a fake hand I bought at the Halloween store, adhered to my skin with eyelash adhesive and latex.
35 weeks pregnant makes for great cow udders. Especially if you are already feeling "cow-ish" :)

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