Thursday, December 25, 2008

Going Green.

This Christmas, we have saved money, time and several trees by sliding so effortlessly in with the trend of maximizing existing resources and recycling. Though I rarely concern myself with issues of global warming and the exhausted topic of our economic depressive state, I wish I could say this was the case. The irony of this is that I am generally more attentive of the wrapping of gifts, than the actual contents. However, this was an act of swiftness, a last minute attempt for creativity on a tight time budget. For those of you still confused, I removed the original contents of these boxes and filled them with gifts. Cereal boxes make excellent shirt packaging :) The Nestle box contained my niece's crazy new sunglasses and a scarf--a perfect fit for accessories!

Best sung by Mariah Carey, "All I Want for Christmas is You".

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas... in a few different perspectives.

In the past, this would totally satiate my Christmas:

This is our attempt at a Merry Christmas to our friend, Steve, who loves candy just as much as I do. It's the thought that counts, right? Another fun tradition my family has is giving ornaments! My mom is the best at it and always gets us relative ornaments for the seasons we are in. I've had pianos, music notes, Azusa Pacific University, Arizona State for each of my respective graduating years.. but THIS one.. I was SO excited about! My mom and dad gave it to us last night after we celebrated an early Christmas dinner since we will be away from each other for the holiday. Here it is, hanging so perfectly on my palm-tree-converted-Christmas-tree! FYI... I incessantly thanked her for not choosing 2 teddy bears holding hands attached to a huge red heart--but almost mentioned how cute of a wreath it was! I'm retarded. It's an engagement ring.

But the absolute BEST part of Christmas for me happened last night. Just after dinner, my aunt Lori joined Chance and I at my mom and dad's house and we made hot chocolate and home-made whipped cream. Side note--make sure you make that happen sometime this winter. So, we got our warm drinks and jumped into the car. About a mile and a half away is my parents' church, Calvary Chapel. The church conducted a drive-through-and-have-a-look LIVE NATIVITY scene. At first, I envisioned it to be the nativity... live animals, yes, a Mary and Joseph present, of course, you can all picture that. But this production/reenactment of the entire story was absolutely breathtaking! When you first pull in, you see Ceasar on his throne, followed by the 3 wise men. A angel (a real man) was posted up on the rooftop of the church with a spotlight on him as he pointed toward the sky. Then, we approached a small building and the people standing outside said, "I'm sorry. There is no room here. But just ahead, there is a stable." As we pulled forward, we came up to the nativity where there were live sheep, a donkey and a pony, shepherds and of course, Mary and Joseph (a married couple from the church and their real baby, playing Jesus) :) We thought that was the end of the scenes, but then we inched forward and a few people dressed as shepherds were saying "why?..... why?...." We thought that was the weirdest part of the production until we pulled further ahead and the man on the driver's side looked at Chance and said... "Do you want to know why? Why Jesus came? Why he was born? Then, look over there---" And that moment, a light turned on and shined on Jesus dying on the cross. We were at a loss for words. It was like watching the Passion of the Christ all over again. We thought that was the final scene, but the last one on our way out was a women, frantic and excitedly proclaiming outside an empty tomb--"HE'S NOT HERE!!! HE'S NOT HERE!!! HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD!" The whole car cheered... except for me--I choked on my own tears. I was speechless and couldn't even get a sound out. It was a beautiful way to experience Christmas and I will never forget it.

The times I wish I had a camera.

Today, I experienced the mall, a mere 3 days before Christmas. Just when I thought we were in an economic downturn... the stores were still full (mostly men in their last minute quests). Just as we entered, a man, about 80 years old and somewhat hunched over and walking carefully, exited the mall with one bag. It was pink and marked "Victoria's Secret." Atta boy. Then, I quietly prayed and asked God for Chance to do the same thing in 50 years. 

What to expect when expecting to marry... Kacey.

I writhe at dirty dishes, yet it takes everything in me to put them (approximately 1 foot to the left) into the dishwasher. Then, every ounce of effort to stop what I am doing to empty the dishwasher once it's done. I act like loading it was such a task, that I deserve about a week to think about dishes again. An hour later, my dishwasher beeps and me until I pay it some attention. I realize this is my battle. And this is my question: Why do I wait until I go to the silverware drawer, to find all that's available is a shrimp fork? Or a spoon that looks like it's used to ladle fruit punch at a church reception. My goal--in preparing to be Chance Pearson's wife--is to be more proactive in the kitchen, in the house--everywhere. Living independently for so many years, we are each coming to realize the challenges and laughs we will have about working out all of our weird, individualistic quirks. I am gaining a lifelong reflection of me. Yikes. I anticipate many amazing things about marriage, but most of all, that it will reveal us to each other like no one else. We will reflect each other, whether we like it or not, but reflecting usually means rubbing, which means refining, which means purifying, which means pain, which always means growth and gain. Chance brings out the best in me--and most of the time that means really digging for it :) He's going to be a great husband and I want to be a great wife. With all that to say, tonight is our first night of Pre-marital Counseling. LOL? I'll let you know how it goes.

These are the things I already know for sure:

--We love God and are committed to His will, secure ourselves on His promises and know that His Word is the final and only authority. We are committed to Matthew 6:33 "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." 

--Philippians 2:3 "Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves.." This is our M.O. Our -go to- reminder when our human tendency is to focus more on our own interests and needs. 

We are so excited!

Stay close as we will be posting photos and fun, brief bios about the bridal party and groom party :) We have carefully (and easily) selected people that we trust, we love and believe have been and will be incredible influences in our lives both individually and together!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry?? Fitness.

Chance let me in on decorating the wall behind his desk at work. I'm not sure if I would be offended by it, but I'm definitely sure this would be a great gift :) 

Fitness hasn't always been a merry thought to me. Funny, I get paired up with this one. Oh, Lord, are you trying to tell me that I'm fat? Regardless, I now have a personal butt kicker and personal chef. Yes, you heard it. This sexy 5'10" Iowan corn fed fella has happily promised to prepare food for me until my dying day. Am I sad to forfeit my rights as a woman in the kitchen? Nope. Just to give you an example of my extreme "un"domestication, I was grocery shopping about 2 months ago and trying to be creative with my carbs. I was entrenched with the other 95% of America that believes "eating healthy" means choosing low-fat ice cream and sacrificing super size for a small fry. Turns out, to my scale's dismay, I have been regretfully mistaken. So I asked Chance, "Can you give me some new carbs options?? I'm at the store!!" I'm sure he smiled on the inside after his heart fluttered and said, "Ok, grab about 4 yams, and bake them. After about 45 minutes they will start oozing out of their skin. Then, peel the skin off and mash them----" "Whoaaaaa, whoa, whoa.." I interrupted.. "First of all.. What's a yam? Second. What do you mean by bake?" So, needless to reiterate-am I resisting giving up my Betty Crokedness? No. I might even get him a new apron for Christmas. 

These are some of the experiences I have with Chance Pearson. He's a chef, a nutritionist, a health nerd of sorts, but he's mine! I will take that ALL DAY long! A few weeks ago I was proud of my Laura Scudders Peanut Butter purchase (anytime you see oil on the top of your peanut butter, you know it has to be good for you). So, normally, you have to mix Laura Scudders because of the oil separation.. BUT.. she introduced a NO-STIR bi-product! I was stoked and bought 2. At the peak of my excitement, I called Chance and told him about the Peanut Butter. Yes, peanut butter deserves a call. I told him all about how I hated stirring the oil and how it never seems to mix well.. and so on. So, much to my surprise, I told him about this new NO-STIR and he said, "Can you return it?" First of all, who ever returns anything at the grocery store? Nordstrom, maybe. Fry's? No. So, I was curious. Why in the world would you want me to return something so wonderful? He asked me to read the label to him. It had hydrogenated vegetable oil in it. So what? I guess it's not good for you. Full of saturated fat, not the GOOD fat found in almonds, avocados, fish oil, etc. I am learning. Everyday.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Birthday From Both of Us

You know when you're scanning through the card aisle, frantically looking at the helpful, yet vague subjects they place above greeting cards? Happy Birthday Father. 30th Birthday. Missing you. Just Because. Belated Birthday to In-Law from Both of Us Just Because of our Sympathy. Over Stimulation. The bottom line is, Chance and I were picking out a birthday card----well, I was picking out my own card for my dad like I have been doing for the past 26 years (kinda)--and Chance suggested we sign the same card. Just as I let "Getchur own card to sig----" out of my mouth, I thought--Wait! This is the start of saving a lot of money. This 2 become 1 thing is something I can get used to! 1 mortgage, 1 set of bills, 1 card... From Both of Us. Cheers to leaving and cleaving. 

Anyway.. Happy 93rd Birthday to my dad! Sorry, wait.. I mean 56th. I always get those mixed up. My dad is one incredible man. He has always had my heart. I love him and love the way he loves our family. Happy Birthday Poppy! You deserve all of God's best!

Here are my two boys.. My dad giving Chance a little golf tip and Chance rockin' the receiver's glove. Never a prouder moment :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let Forever BEGIN!!!

This is my official attempt at procrastination for a good cause! I am positively avoiding sleep and preparation for a photo shoot in the morning to bring you... the TEAM PEARSON blog. I know, I know, it's sick. It's almost as if I don't have quite enough time on my hands to keep a personal, online journal, but it just takes precedence. This is for us. This is for you. This is for anyone who really cares to know what we love, how we love and why... all wrapped up in words and images of anticipated successes and failures of our average, everyday lives. It will be fun, random, ridiculous and I'm already envisioning a few of my friends rolling their eyes at the idea that I am doing this.

We will share the crazy way we met---from my perspective and his, our journey thus far and some of our dreams for the future. God has been good to us by teaching us, humbling us and roping us in closer and closer to Him. Please celebrate with us during this time, stay close in the midst of chaos and pray for us always. Let forever begin!