Sunday, October 10, 2010

Noche De Gourmet: A Charity Event and a good reason to get all jazzed up!

This blog is strangely and embarrassingly out of order, but at least it's being updated :) Chance and I attended Noche De Gourmet, a "black tie" (which actually just means suits) charity event in Phoenix. It was kinda like prom, but with way better food... and a way hotter date. Point and shoot car photos are the best because they're the worst.
I have the HOTTEST husband!! And in all seriousness, his outer beauty is only a glimpse of how beautiful of a person he is on the inside. Strong, but sensitive, funny but not demanding attention, controlled, but not controlling, hot but doesn't realize how hot. Just perfect. He is more than I deserve.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Date Night at Z Tejas!

It's always fun to post the photos you aren't really proud of... the goofiest faces and random snapshots is really the heart of the couple.. let's be honest. We don't always have perfect smiles for the camera :)

Our Bathroom Makeover!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Aruba: We love you.

Chance and I had an incredible opportunity to travel to ARUBA for our 1 year anniversary and my 28th birthday!! Unnecessary to say with these photos that we had the best time. We loved everything about Aruba, especially the food and water (the ocean water, that is). This island is at the top of our list!
Our first glimpse of the island from the plane!
Paradise in more ways than one :) I love him.
This was our favorite restaurant in Aruba, Madame Jeanette. We had to go back! The first time we went was Tuesday, on my birthday, and then our last night there, Friday.. We couldn't resist their skirt steak and almond grouper!!
Chance beaming at his new favorite restaurant :)

We met this adorable couple on the beach... they were honeymooners from South Carolina! We shared a few lunches and a dinner together (so what if we ate on their all-inclusive tab... we had paid our dues to Aruba) :)
Chef's Table.. another amazing place to eat!

Sitting at the edge of Pelican Pier having lunch was one of our favorite stops of the day. It was about 3 blocks from our hotel and instead of paying $18 for a chicken strips on the resort property, you could get them here for $7. Yes, please.

This is the north side of the island!! It's very rocky and more rough water.. we took a 4 hour ATV tour across the entire island one morning and we had a blast! It was great to see everything in that short of time and on a fun ride!!

Pelican Pier

We never got used to seeing the water. It was SO surreal.

Get it.
Madame Jeanette on my birthday!

Cake brought to me for dessert on my birthday after BREAKFAST!! (Yes.)

(i ate it)
My own birthday dessert (after dinner) and yes. it was awesome.
We rented jet skis and had the freedom to go as far out on the horizon as we wanted... just be back in 30 minutes :)

This is how Arubans and Central Americans pronounce Chance's name.
Every morning.

Our view from the breakfast buffet!