Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Holiday things.... after the holidays of course...

Our puppy and her love for Bible study... she snuggled right up with me and wanted to rest her face right on my binder... I couldn't resist this photo.
Isn't she so cute??? This is my first dog, so I'm totally in love with her. Kinda sick-like.

One of our favorite rooms :)
I made homemade hummus for Christmas and it was FABULOUS! I just combined a few recipes I found online and made it with garbanzo beans, olive oil, sea salt, a fresh squeezed lemon from our lemon tree, fresh garlic and kalamata olives whipped up in the Magic Bullet (We highly recommend this machine and use it for nearly everything. It's out on the counter at least twice a day. The crackers are a combination of Triscuits and Milton's Whole Grain French Onion Crackers from Sprouts!
I'm not sure kiwi and grapes "fit" in the Christmas season, but then again, we live in Arizona... so a lot of things don't make sense here. Like when we had 3 days worth of rain last week, or state governor suggested to Obama that we declare a national state of emergency. Arizonans would.
My tasty Banana Bread... I'm not sure that it's actually better than anyone else's on the inside, but I'm telling you... the drizzled homemade cream cheese frosting doesn't hurt my chances of it becoming the best Banana Bread EVER.