Sunday, May 17, 2009

The BEST day of our lives!!!

Finally! We made it! These are the first photos to surface from the best day of our lives! Mindy Strauss captured the rehearsal, the wedding day and all it's craziness. There are no words to describe how priceless wedding photography really is.. I know, I'm biased. But being on the other side for once made me realize.. I would have given anything for these precious images! More to come! 
Chance and I would also like to thank everyone who was a part of putting this day together. First and foremost, my parents--WOW! We love you so much for doing this for us. It is a gift we will obviously never forget. We are indebted to you for life!!
To Chance's parents, Connie and Steve for providing the beautiful rehearsal dinner at the Valley Ho. We will be talking about that night for years to come! It was all so special! We are so appreciative of every detail and every single person's presence leading up to the day, the day of, and many days to come. We love you!
-Chance and Kacey Pearson :)
Thanks to the amazing flower stylings of Danielle Bannister, I had an amazing bouquet of bold pink peonies, orchids and white ostrich plume feathers. The flowers were a gift from my mother-in-law, Connie. Thanks!!!! LYLT!
THE Chance Pearson:
The Ceremony at Seville Country Club
Communion and a Prayer :)
My girls and their spicy shoes :)
America's Next Top Bridal Party: From Left to Right
My sister-in-law, Katie, sister-in-law, Sunshine, the very excited Bride, My cousin, Nikki, My cousin, Kenna.
Nice vert! His guys, from left to right:
His biological father, Mike, His Best Friend, Antonio, His adoptive father, Steve and His brother, Chet.
Wedded Bliss.
My pops and I had a full choreographed medley :) This was a serious, emotional moment at the end. I love you, dad!!!
And off we go. No comment.     ....wink, wink.
Again, thank you EVERYONE for your generosity in praying for us and showering us with your support. We are blessed to call you friends and family!