Monday, January 18, 2010

Pumpkin Carving with the Petropolis family!

We drove to Queen Creek for an evening of pumpkin carving with our friends, Adam, Rene and their little man, Austen... who was Charlie Brown for Halloween!!
We brought Austen a pumpkin full of graham crackers and goldfish.... oh, and candy for Rene :)
I love Rene!!!
Do not attempt.

We decided our artistic-ness only goes so far, so we carved our address numbers into little pumpkins for our front walkway!

Austen's real costume was a monkey suit, but it's a little warm for AZ :)

We love you guys!! Thanks for having us over and we look forward to making this an annual tradition with you!

The Halloween Grilled Cheese Throw Down:)

Another Pearson Throw Down... this time---Grilled Cheese. We had a blast with our cousins, Robby and Tracy McConchie and Kirk and Whitney McConchie! Here are the delicious combos and the names given to each:

"Pigs in a Sandwich"
by Kirk and Whitney McConchie
A lovely blend of tomato, bacon, arugula, pepperjack, cinnamon, butter and honey on potato bread. Bacon makes everything better.

"Creamy French Kiss"
by Kacey Pearson
Pumpkin pie filling whipped into Cream cheese on
Triple decked Sourdough "french toast" dipped in egg nog, cinnamon and eggs

"La Senorita"
by Tracy McConchie
Fresh avocados and tomato atop grilled sourdough with queso fresco and pepperjack cheeses.

A family photo :)

"The Trick and the Treat"
by Chance Pearson
Freshly prepared and baked candied pecans atop thinly sliced fuji apples over melted gorgonzola and turkey on sourdough and grilled on the Foreman. (and a half apple carved into a Jack-o-lantern) ---THAT'S my husband earning presentation points!!! :)

"Apples, Walnuts and Cheese...Oh my!!!"
by Robby McConchie
Chopped walnuts over a combination of gorgonzola and havarti cheeses with slices of Granny Smith apples on Sourdough.
Chance constructing his jack in the apple.
Robby---carefully detecting the grill.
Chance making George look small.
Kirk.... and the competition face.
Whitney and Kacey :) ...very happy.
We stopped occasionally for the trick-or-treaters at the door!! SO cute!

We love you guys!! Thanks for playing :)
Love, the Pearsons

Halloween Baking Begins....

This can be seen as a good OR not so good thing... but I've become extremely interested in baking. The heaven in my mouth tells me it's good...the extra 10 lbs. on my post-wedding body tells me maybe not. But hey. Being in a new home and a new kitchen with a new husband and new roles as a woman inspires me to do things I would have never done before... like bake. I mean, yes, I love sweets.. who doesn't? But even the things that are "just add water" to me were "made from scratch", "homemade" or "made it myself" proclamations. After all, I DID use my over, right? SO, I am learning what it means to actually make---from REAL scratch---all the goodies that come with holidays. Here are my delish pumpkins pies that I altered a tiny. My new pumpkin pie trademark? Graham cracker crust. I know, SO non-traditional... yet SO, melt in your mouth amazing!

Gift bags for the couples attending our Halloween Grilled Cheese throw down :)